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About > Major Accomplishments

Overall Accomplishments

MetroGIS has made significant progress towards fulfilling its vision, thanks to substantial financial and resource commitments made by the Metropolitan Council, several hundred volunteers representing dozens of cooperating organizations, and grants received from the National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI) program.

These accomplishments include:

  • Implemented, or made substantial progress to implement, regional solutions for nine of the MetroGIS community's initial thirteen priority information needs: jurisdictional boundaries; street addresses/where people live; parcels/parcel identifiers; highway and road networks; census boundaries; lakes, wetlands, water courses; land cover, and planned land use.
  • Implemented MetroGIS DataFinder as a registered a node of the NSDI, fully integrated into Minnesota's GeoData Gateway, with a state-of-the-art downloading capability (DataFinderCafé). Over 200 datasets are currently accessible via DataFinder. Over a 800 data downloads per month are being experienced with the trend showing a steady increase.
  • Implemented in conjunction with the Mn Land Management Information Center (LMIC) GeoService Finder, a resource for finding geospatial applications and web services
  • Implemented a regional geocoding service, the first of several anticipated regional applications to shared needs.
  • Endorsed standards for: metadata (FGDC compliant); a regional projection and coordinate system; coding components for the jurisdictional boundary datasets; spatial accuracy testing and reporting (FGDC compliant); and data content standards associated with each regional information need solution.
  • Executed agreements that provide access by all government interests serving the seven county area, without fee and subject to identical access requirements, to parcel and other geospatial data produced by all seven metro area counties and the Metropolitan Council.
  • Recipient of URISA's 2002 prestigious Exemplary Systems in Government (ESIG) Award for Enterprise Systems.
  • Awarded Minnesota Governor's Commendations for two "Exemplary GIS Projects" (Regional Street Centerline and Regional Land Cover data solutions).
  • Awarded ESRI's 2001 Geography Network Challenge Grand Prize for the Transportation (web mapping) Service (
  • Recipient of MnAPA's Planning Merit Award for an Outstanding Planning Tool for the Regional Planned Land Use dataset.
  • Testified before a U.S. House of Representatives Subcommittee in conjunction with the 1999 National GeoData Forum.
  • Maintained active involvement of key stakeholder representatives at the policy, management, and technical levels since MetroGIS's inception in 1995.


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