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Common Information Needs > Datasets

Land Cover Dataset

How to obtain the dataset top of page

The Land Cover dataset is hosted on the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources' (DNR) Data Deli site. You can link to it through the metadata at (see "Online Linkage" in the summary.)

Training workshops have been held annually in the spring. Contact Bart Richardson at the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources () or at 651-772-6150.

Common information need met by this dataset top of page

This dataset meets one of the MetroGIS community's common information needs. Click on the information need below to learn more about it, or to find out more about common information needs in general, please see the About Information Needs page.

Enhancements to the original dataset top of page

MetroGIS's Business Information Needs Process calls for each regional custodian and MetroGIS to co-sponsor Data User Forums on a reoccurring basis for each endorsed regional dataset. The frequency of the forums is determined by MetroGIS. The purpose of these forums is to monitor user satisfaction and identify desired or needed enhancements to the regional data solutions, insuring they continue to address the needs of the MetroGIS community. The history of these forums for this dataset is as follows:

  • No forums have been held to date.

Dataset history top of page

On January 26, 2000, the MetroGIS Policy Board endorsed DNR's Minnesota Land Cover Classification System (MLCCS) as the solution to MetroGIS's Land Cover Information Need and accepted DNR's offer to serve as regional custodian of the dataset.

The Minnesota Land Cover Classification System (MLCCS) is a hybrid of several accepted systems that are in use throughout the metro area and the state. Its development focused on the US National Vegetation Classification Standard (NVCS) and the Minnesota Natural Heritage Key to Natural Communities. This hybrid system for the classification of natural and semi-natural system meets the federal requirement of using the NVCS, and preserves the Natural Heritage terminology that has been in use for years here in Minnesota. In addition, departing from the traditional land use/cover classification systems, the MLCCS does not label land cover with any land use terminology. This results in a completely new system for classification of lands traditionally labeled as residential, urban, industrial, park, etc. MLCCS recognizes the amount of artificial surfaces in areas where naturally occurring vegetation no longer exists, while at the same time recognizing the amount and type of green cover.

See Overview of MetroGIS's Land Cover Information Need for the evolution of MetroGIS's endorsement of this regional dataset.

Dataset specifications, roles & responsibilities top of page

Dataset standards/guidelines top of page

Summary of organizational assignments top of page
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