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Datasets > Parcels

Parcel Dataset Licensing for Government and Academic Interests

Process for qualifying interests to obtain the Regional Parcel Dataset:

  1. Review the Access Constraints in section one of the Regional Parcel Dataset Metadata to determine if your organization is a "qualifying governmental" or "qualifying academic" interest, and thus eligible for this license.
  2. Read the Use Constraints in section one of the metadata to understand the types of restrictions that are imposed by the license.
  3. Review the rest of the metadata to verify that the dataset is suitable for your intended use.
  4. Download the license agreement. Fill it out completely, sign and date it, then submit it via U.S. Mail to the address below. Faxes or photocopies will not be accepted. Note: Please do not complete page 10 of the license agreement unless a Third Party will be accessing the data on behalf of your organization.

Metropolitan Council
Attn: GIS Unit - Parcel Data Licensing
390 Robert Street, North
St. Paul, MN 55101

Upon receipt of a fully-executed license agreement by Metropolitan Council GIS Unit staff (Step 4 above), a determination will be made as to whether the applicant meets the criteria as a qualifying interest. If the applicant is determined to be a qualifying interest, the license agreement will be executed by the Metropolitan Council and a user ID and password will be forwarded to the applicant via email, authorizing access to the Regional Parcel Dataset. A photocopy of the entire executed license will be mailed to you for your records.

If a Third Party is involved, it will be the responsibility of the Public Party to provide the data and/or password to their Third Party and to manage their access.

  1. Questions regarding data content:
    Metadata: Regional Parcel Dataset Metadata
    MetroGIS-endorsed data specifications for the Regional Parcel Dataset: Regional Parcel Data Policy Summary
  2. Questions regarding responsibilities of the user: see license agreement
  3. Questions regarding data licensing and access procedures:
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