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Data > Looking for GIS Data or Web Map Services?


Two, web-based, resource search tools currently exist that were developed to address MetroGIS stakeholder needs:  DataFinder and GeoServices Finder.  These resources assist individuals to locate existing geospatial data, applications and web services, and application and web service components important to addressing their respective business needs.  Users must currently access and use these search tools separately.  The goal is to eventually create an interface that allows the user to utilize both tools simultaneously via a single “I need to know” query.  Another priority initiative of MetroGIS involves fostering development of theme/use-specific applications that address specified shared stakeholder needs defined by the community.  Two such applications currently exist and implementation of several others is under consideration, in accordance with priority needs cited in MetroGIS’s Business Plans adopted in 2002 and 2007.

Web-Based, Resource Search Tools:

GeoService Finder was developed as a collaborative venture between MetroGIS and MN Land Management Information Center (LMIC).  This application is hosted by LMIC.  GeoService Finder helps you find existing geographic services and software relevant to Minnesota and share geographic services and software that you have created. 

MetroGIS DataFinder is the go-to resource to discover and access GIS data, web mapping services and metadata for the Minneapolis/St. Paul Metropolitan Area.  These data include “regional endorsed solutions” to shared information needs, as well as other datasets.

At least two of the datasets available on DataFinder require a signed license to access the data, including the Regional Parcel Dataset and the Regional Street Centerline Dataset as follows: 

Theme/Use Specific Resources:

MetroGIS Socioeconomics Web Resource Page is a site for finding socioeconomic data.

Web services built to return information from MetroGIS datasets include the MetroGIS Geocoder, which uses parcel and street data.

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