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Street Addresses

Address Workgroup

Workgroup Purpose & Goals
  • To clearly define and propose regional solutions for MetroGIS information needs related to addresses, including mailing and situs addresses for land parcels, structures, and occupancy units.
  • To examine methods of acquiring, creating, maintaining and sharing address data and geography for land, structure and occupancy entities and to recommend best practices where appropriate.
  • To educate developers and users of address data as to the broad scope of address related information needs that exist within individual organizations, as well as the MetroGIS community.
  • To define the opportunities that exist to meet these needs through cooperation, data sharing, and distributed data collection and maintenance programs.
MetroGIS Address Points Web Editing Tool

Please click here to access the tool and related information.

  • Mark Kotz, Metropolitan Council (Chair and Lead Support)
  • Bob Basques, St. Paul
  • David Brandt, Washington County
  • Marcia Broman, MESB Contractor
  • Jim Bunning, Scott County
  • Gordon Chinander, Metropolitan Emergency Services Board (MESB)
  • Nate Christ, Carver County
  • Will Craig, University of Minnesota & NSGIC
  • Pete Henschel, Carver County
  • Deb Jones, City of Falcon Heights
  • Cory Karsten, St. Paul
  • Matt Koukol, Ramsey County
  • Joel Koepp, Roseville
  • Derek Lorbiecki, Hennepin County
  • Paul Peterson, Metropolitan Council
  • Nancy Read, Metropolitan Mosquito Control District (MMCD)
  • Dan Ross, Minnesota Geospatial Information Office
  • Joe Sapletal, Dakota County
  • Todd Sieben, Washington County
  • John Slusarczyk, Anoka County
  • Ben Verbick, LOGIS


Meeting Minutes, Reports and Recommendations

2013 Workgroup Meetings are presently scheduled monthly.

Contact Mark Kotz (651.602.1644) at the Metropolitan Council for upcoming meeting dates and times.


Workgroup Meetings
Next Meeting (TBA) Agenda Minutes
Feburary 20, 2013 Agenda Minutes


Workgroup Meetings
December 18, 2012 Agenda Minutes
May 16, 2012 Agenda Minutes
March 28, 2012 Agenda Minutes


Workgroup Meetings
October 26 Agenda Minutes
May 11 Agenda Minutes


Workgroup Meetings
May 26 Agenda Minutes

February 24

Agenda Minutes
January 27 Agenda Minutes


Workgroup Meetings
December 17 Agenda Minutes
November 18 Agenda Minutes
October 7 Agenda Minutes
September 9 Agenda Minutes

August 17

Agenda Minutes
February 23 Agenda Minutes


Workgroup Meetings

August 25 (WES)
Web Editing Subgroup

Agenda Minutes
July 9 Agenda Minutes









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