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MetroGIS: Free & Open Access to Data:

MetroGIS Free & Open Data Resource Page

The MetroGIS Data Producers Work Group and Policy Board have been actively engaged in research, deliberation and review of the benefits of freely and openly available public geospatial data in the Seven County Metropolitan region.

The following resource materials, research and articles have been prepared and assembled over the course of 2013 in service of that discussion.

On October 23, 2013, the MetroGIS Policy Board adopted a Resolution of Support for Free and Open Public Geospatial Data and are advancing their recommendation and supporting research to the governments in the Seven County Metropolitan region.

MetroGIS Research and Materials:

Single-Page Fact Sheet on Free and Open Geospatial Data [1 page PDF]

MetroGIS: Free & Open Access to Data
Research & Reference Documents
[75 page PDF]

MetroGIS Policy Board Resolution of Support for Free and Open Public Geospatial Data [1 page PDF]

Sample Resolution Resource Document for City/County Governments [1 page PDF]

Sample Letter of Support from MetroGIS Policy Board Chair to County Board Chairs and County Administrators [4 page PDF]

Related Articles and Publications:

NSGIC: Geospatial Data Sharing Guidelines for Best Practices

NSGIC: This Isn't Private Information

NSGIC: Economic Studies for GIS Operations

Brian Timoney: The Flawed Economics of Closed Government Data

MinnPost (December 11, 2013) "MetroGIS recommends 7 counties make geospatial data free and open"

MnGeo Emergency Preparedness Commitee "The Year's Best Present" article, December 23, 2013

County Board Actions (2014):

Ramsey County, February 11, 2014 Resolution

Hennepin County, February 11, 2014 Resolution

Dakota County, March 25, 2014 Resolution

Carver County, April 1, 2014 Resolution

Access to Data:

Dakota County Mapping Services

Related Organizations:

National States Geographic Information Council (NSGIC)

Global Spatial Data Infrastructure Association (GSDI)

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