The Metro Regional Parcel Dataset

The MetroGIS Regional Parcel Dataset. This dataset is a compilation of tax parcel polygon and point layers from the Seven Metropolitan Counties of Anoka, Carver, Dakota, Hennepin, Ramsey, Scott and Washington. The data from the Seven Metropolitan Counties are assembled into a common coordinate system, however, no attempt has been made to edgematch or rubbersheet between counties. A standard set of attribute fields is included for each county; the attributes are the same for the polygon and points layers, however, not all attributes are populated for all counties. The Metropolitan Council collects this data quarterly (in January, April, July and October) during the year from the Seven Metropolitan Counties and publishes the data as the MetroGIS Regional Parcel Dataset.

Availability. The Regional Parcel Data dataset and its metadata are available  for download via the Minnesota Geospatial Commons.  This data can be accessed here.

Open Data Policy: In 2014-2015, the County Boards of Commissioners of each of the Seven Metropolitan Counties (Ramsey, Hennepin, Dakota, Carver, Anoka, Washington and Scott) have adopted formal policy resolutions to make their public geospatial data freely available without fee or licensure. Their datasets are available in their native electronic format from their individual county geodata portals.

Metropolitan County Open Data Portals

The following sites are maintained by each county in the metropolitan regional to provide data in its native electronic format.

Anoka County Geospatial Data
Carver County Geospatial Data 
Dakota County Geospatial Data
Hennepin County Geospatial Data
Ramsey County Geospatial Data

Scott County Geospatial Data
Washington County Geospatial Data