Address Point Editor

The creation and sustainable maintenance of an authoritative address point resource has been identified as a desirable goal by the MetroGIS stakeholder community.

MetroGIS partners developed a web editing tool for address point data. The tool is intended to be hosted by counties and other organizations that want to facilitate the creation and maintenance of an authoritative dataset for address points.

Version 4.0 of the MetroGIS Address Point Editor Tool is now available (as of September 2018)

Acquiring the Editing Tool

The Address Point Editor Tool Web AppBuilder package is a starting point for organizations to customize for their specific addressing needs. The tool is available for free to be installed and hosted by any organization in Minnesota that wishes to aggregate address points data for inclusion in a regional or state-wide dataset.

Download the MetroGIS Address Point Editor Tool from the Minnesota Geospatial Commons. The tool is available to directly add to Web AppBuilder.

Examples of hosts:

  • Counties that want to aggregate address point data produced by city address authorities;
  • Counties serving in the role of address authorities;
  • Regional or state agencies serving in a similar role;


Tool Host Requirements

  • Esri Web AppBuilder Developer Edition 2.9 is the recommended tool to wrap up your Address Editor web map in ArcGIS Online.

  • Address Point Data needs to be served in one of the following ways to enable editing of address points from a Web AppBuilder application.

    • ArcGIS Server feature service

      • Address data can be served from an SDE, published to your on-premises ArcGIS Server as a feature service to be consumed in a web app from your ArcGIS Online Organization site.

    • Hosted-feature service in ArcGIS Online

      • An ArcGIS Online Organization Account is required.

  • Web Map

    • Create a web map with the editable address points feature service

    • The application is configured with a sample web map that you will replace with your web map.

    • The application makes use of security placed on the service within the web map


Versions and Enhancements:

September 2018. MetroGIS completed enhancements and released Version 4.0 of the Address Point Editing Tool. This version includes a full redevelopment of the tool functionality using Esri Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS (Developer Edition). This meets the need to upgrade the application to currently supported software and expand the capabilities to field users by adopting a framework that supports operations on a variety of devices (mobile and desktop).
A MetroGIS Address Workgroup developed Version 4.0. Dakota County GIS lead the application development. Team members helped develop a set of widgets to replace the functionality of Version 3. Metropolitan Council, on behalf of MetroGIS, contracted North Point Geographic Solutions for 3 custom widgets to enhance the Address Editor tool. Workgroup members included representatives from Carver, Dakota, Ramsey, Scott and Washington Counties, the Metropolitan Council, and the MN Geospatial Information Office.
Version 3, released on March 13, 2015, was an ArcGIS Server based tool developed by North Point Geographic solutions under contract with the Metropolitan Council. It was free to be installed and hosted by government entities in Minnesota.

Tool Users (as of September 2018)

The following host organizations have acquired the tool for testing, assessment and/or deployment:

> Carver County
> Dakota County
> Ramsey County
> Scott County
> Washington County

Link to Address Point Data Standard

 Minnesota Address Point Data Standard
 (Adopted by the GAC, December 6, 2017)


Archival Resources

MetroGIS Address Point Specification Proposed Modifications to Accomodate NextGen 911
(Published 08.19.2016)

MetroGIS Address Point Data Provider Registry
(Published 05.19.2016)

NENA Information Document for Development of Site/Structure Address Point GIS Data for 911
(Published 09.18.2015)

MetroGIS Address Points Database Specifications
(Approved 04.24.2015)

Regional Occupiable Units Address Dataset Vision Document (2005)


July 31, 2013
Address Point Editing Tool Version 2.0
The Metropolitan Council has contracted with North Point Geographics to develop enhancements and improvements to the original Editor Tool; version 2.0 is planned to be available in Fall 2013;

February 28, 2013
Address Point Editing Tool Users [To Date]
The following host organizations have acquired the tool: Anoka County, Carver County, Dakota County Ramsey County, Scott County

The following address authorities are known end users of the tool: City of Burnsville, Dakota County, City of Eagan, City of Farmington, City of Rosemount