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The Metro Regional Centerline Collaborative (MRCC) is a joint collaborative project involving the technical and managerial GIS staff from the Seven Metropolitan Counties (Anoka, Carver, Dakota, Hennepin, Ramsey, Scott and Washington), the Metropolitan Emergency Services Board and the Metropolitan Council to develop a road centerline data model and dataset to meet the core business needs of local governments and regional interests.

The MRCC officially kicked off in May 2014 to document core business needs among the partners. Hennepin County staff has provided project management in parternship with staff from the Metropolitan Council providing coordination and research to the collaborative. From 2014 to present, the MRCC project team has developed and enhanced several iterations of its road centerline standard to meet the various needs of the data producer and user community.

  Goal of the Project                  

The goal of the MRCC is to facilitate the creation and sustained maintenance of an authoritatively (locally) sourced road centerline dataset that can be used to meet the needs of local, regional and state partner agencies.  Over the course of 2014, the MRCC has documented the specific business needs of the participating partners and developed a draft data model to meet those expressed needs.

  Need for Project                     

At present, there is no authoritatively-sourced, inter-jurisdictional, publicly-available road data solution that meets the core business needs of 
local, regional and state agencies.  This project represents an effort to develop and sustain this much needed geospatial data resource.

  What are the core uses of this dataset?  

The core business needs and use cases that this data standard and dataset are intended to satisfy include:

  • Vehicular routing;
  • Address geocoding;
  • Next Generation 911 call routing and location validation;
  • Emergency services dispatching;
  • Provision for the future support and usage of linear referencing system data;
  • Cartographic representation of road features;

  Progress to Date: November 2017  

As of late November, the MRCC Project Team has agreed to the specifications of the MRCC Version 1.7 (see details in the right column of this page). MRCC Version 1.7 will be the final version of the MRCC data set and data standard until such time that the MRCC Build Team and MRCC Core Team deem a revision is needed.

  Project Contacts 

 Project Manager
 Ann Houghton, Hennepin County

 Design Team Lead
 Matt Koukol, Ramsey County

 Communications Liaison
 Geoff Maas, MetroGIS




Downloads & Resources

 MRCC Road Centerline Data   Availability and Versioning  

The MRCC partners published the first version of the MRCC April 21, 2017. The most current version of the MRCC dataset is available here on the Minnesota Geospatial Commons site.

The Metropolitan Council, at the request of the Seven Metropolitan Counties, has prepared a validation and aggregation solution to facilitate frequent MRCC data updates. The most current version will be available from the Commons with updated metadata.

 MRCC Version 1.7 

The MRCC project team members have advanced a Version 1.7 of the MRCC dataset. This version aligns with the Minnesota Address Point Data Standard (adopted on December 6, 2017 by the Geospatial Advisory Council) and the specific needs of NextGen9-1-1.

The MRCC data in Version 1.7 is anticipated to be prepared and releast in early 2018. The MRCC Version 1.7 will then be 'frozen' (e.g. no additional changes or revisions made) until such time there is a statewide centerline standard approved by the Minnesota Geospatial Advisory Council.

Download the
MRCC Version 1.7
(Excel spreadsheet document)
Published 11/21/2017

MRCC Version 1.7 XML Schema
(XML schema)
Published 11/21/2017

MRCC Version 1.7 geodatabase
(.gdb file)
Published 11/21/2017

  Project Resources 

Download the
Emergency Service Zone Discrepancy White Paper
(6 page PDF document)

Drafted by Ramsey County
Originally published February 29, 2016

Download the
MRCC 'First Build' Project Charter

Published August 4, 2015
(7 page PDF Document)

Download the
MRCC Project Summary Document - Version 2.0
Published July 7, 2015
(6 page PDF Document)

Download the
MRCC Planarization & Routing Guide - Version 1.0
Published: July 8, 2015
(10 page PDF Document)

Download the
MRCC Work Flow Chart
Version 1.1

Published: August 4, 2015
(1 page PDF Document [graphic])

Download the
County Boundary
Edge-Matching Guide

Published: August 4, 2015
(1 page PDF Document)

  Provide Feedback 

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  Survey Results Document 

Download the

MRCC Stakeholder Input Report
Published May 1, 2015
(16 page PDF Document)