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Welcome to MetroGIS

MetroGIS is an award-winning, regional geographic information systems initiative serving the seven-county Minneapolis-St. Paul (Minnesota) metropolitan area. It provides a regional forum to promote and facilitate widespread sharing of geospatial data. MetroGIS is a voluntary collaboration of local and regional governments, with partners in state and federal government, academic institutions, nonprofit organizations and businesses.

MetroGIS is a recipient of URISA's Exemplary Systems in Government (ESIG) Award for Enterprise Systems. See the Awards section for more information.


The vision for the result of MetroGIS’s efforts, or destination expected to be attained, is “organizations serving the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area are successfully collaborating to use geographic information technology to solve real world problems".


MetroGIS exists “to expand stakeholders' capacity to address shared geographic information technology needs and maximize investments in existing resources through widespread collaboration of organizations that serve the Twin Cities metropolitan area”.

Measurable Results

The collaborative community of MetroGIS recognizes the need to achieve measurable results within the following outcome areas: 

  • Expanded resource availability through partnering
  • More efficient use of resources through reduction of duplicative costs
  • More efficient and effective core stakeholder operations
  • Enhanced and broadened understanding of the region
  • Expanded participation by users, contributors and jurisdictions adjoining the Twin City metropolitan area

Announcements and News:

Free and Open Data Resources Page

DataFinder 2013 Annual Report (Nov 2012-Nov 2013) Download Summary

MetroGIS 2014 Work Plan (Approved on January 9, 2014)

Centerlines Initiative: MetroGIS is partnering with the Minnesota Department of Transportation and the Minnesota Geospatial Information Office to develop a state-wide centerline data solution that meets the needs of a range of roadway data stakeholders. A current project brief can be found here: Centerline Project Brief.

Upcoming Meetings, Forums, and Other Events

Please contact us - we appreciate your comments about MetroGIS.

Policy Board Chair: Terry Schneider, City of Minnetonka/Metro Cities

Coordinating Committee Chair: David Bitner, Owner, dbSpatial

390 Robert Street North
Saint Paul, MN 55101
fax: 651-602-1674

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