Metro Stormwater Geodata Project

About the project.
MetroGIS in partnership with Hennepin County, Ramsey County, Ramsey-Washington Metro Watershed District and the University of Minnesota Water Resources Center is working with a broad group of interested public and private sector stakeholders toward the development of a multi-purpose stormwater geodata transfer standard.

Purpose of the standard. This stormwater geodata transfer standard is intended to meet a range of known business needs including flow modeling, conflict detection, to faciliate data integration between GIS and asset management systems and to assist in identifying asset ownership and maintenance responsibility. Longer term, this geodata standard is intended to eventually serve as a means to federate data to create a regional stormwater system dataset across the metropolitan region.

Draft Stormwater Data Standard

The MSWGP Steering Team has been working since mid-2018 to create a draft stormwater geodata transfer standard and a template for MS4 site inspections of inlets, outlets and stormwater ponds and basins.

The MSWGP Steering Team put the version 0.5 draft standard out for review in April 2020 until December 2020. Comments were compiled and reviewed in March 2021. A revised draft of the schema (version 0.6) is available for an additional 60-day comment period until September 3, 2021

Changes from Version 0.5 to Version 0.6
(5 MB .zip file) (7/6/2021) 

Version 0.6 Draft Standard and Documents
(25 MB .zip file) (6/28/2021)

Version 0.5 Draft Standard and Documents
(21 MB .zip file) (4/17/2020)

Draft Standard Stakeholder Review Comments Received During 2020
(19 page PDF) (2/16/2021)

Providing Comments

The MSWGP Steering Team is seeking public comments on the draft standard it has prepared and will be accepting stakeholder input until Friday, October 30, 2020.

Please email any desired revisions or suggestions for inclusion or improvement to any of the following MSWGP co-coordinators:

Geoff Maas
Ramsey County

Carrie Magnuson
Ramsey Washington Metro Watershed District

Alex Blenkush
Hennepin County

MSWGP Project Documentation

Below are current documents relevant to the MSWGP effort.

Project Charter and Two-Page Summary

Stakeholder Input and Business Needs

Steering Team Minutes & Presentations


MSWGP Contact List (Updated 8.21.2019)


DNR & BWSR Data Specifications

Below are links to related documents and resources prepared by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (for culvert data) and the Board of Water and Soil Resources (for drainage data):

Context and Background

Work on the Metro Stormwater Geodata Project (MSWGP)  commenced in April 2018, with presentations and stakeholder input sessions on April 17 (in Medina) and June 12 (in St. Paul) and the formation of a Steering Team convening for the first time on June 26, 2018 in Minneapolis.

The MSWGP project aims to:

  • Engage both the data producer and data consumer communities to discover what business needs they have for an inter-jurisdictional stormwater dataset and accompanying data standard;
  • Collaboratively work toward developing a data transfer standard and developing work flows, agreements and understandings between participating partners;
  • Document and address policy issues surrounding data availability and protection of assets;
  • To identify and capitalize on both existing formal and informal relationships in place among the partners in working toward federating the data together;

Building upon prior work...

The MSWGP builds upon prior efforts in Minnesota to develop a data transfer standard for stormwater information. In 2010, an initial Draft Digital Stormwater Data Exchange Transfer Standard was developed, as well as a pilot project focused on gathering and assessing data in the Battle Creek Sub-Watershed of the Ramsey-Washington-Metro Watershed District.

Documents on the original Draft Stormwater Standard can be found here.

An Excel spreadsheet version of the original 2010 Draft Stormwater Standard can be found here: Excel Version of Draft Stormwater Standard


If you have questions about, or interest in this project, please contact:

Geoff Maas, AICP GISP
Affiliate Faculty, University of Minnesota

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