Metro Regional Stormwater Project

The MetroGIS collaborative has been exploring the potential of working with a broad group of interested stakeholders toward the development of a regional set stormwater system data transfer standard and dataset.

In 2010, a Draft Digital Stormwater Data Exchange Transfer Standard was developed, as well as a pilot project focused on gathering and assessing data in the Ramsey-Washington-Metro Watershed District.

Documents on the Draft Stormwater Standard can be found here.

An Excel version of the Draft Stormwater Standard can be found here: Excel Version of Draft Stormwater Standard

How the MetroGIS collaborative can best serve the project:

  • To re-engage existing stakeholders and identify new ones;
  • Formally meet with interested stakeholders and document their business case for a standardized dataset;
  • To research and document the full range of needs to be served by developing this dataset;
  • To identify and capitalize on existing formal and informal relationships in place;
  • To foster support for the project from self-identifying stakeholder entities and agencies;
  • To leverage that support into the needed resources (funding, staff time, technical expertise, etc.);
  • To develop and deploy a pilot project to test the project's viability.

Current Activity

At present, there is no formal work group assigned for work on a metro regional stormwater dataset.

MetroGIS is currently assembling background research and documenting the needs of agencies, organizations and individuals who would benefit from this proposed dataset. If you or your agency is in need of a regionally integrated stormwater dataset, please contact:

Geoff Maas, MetroGIS Coordinator

Current Activity

MetroGIS and the Hennepin County GIS Office are partnering to host a Metro Stormwater Geodata Summit on March 6, 2018 in Medina.

Relevant Studies and Documents

2010 Draft Digital Stormwater System Data Exchange Transfer Standard

2010 Standard for Digital Stormwater System Data Exchange Pilot Project (Mack/Onorati Study)

Updating the National Hydrographic Data for the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area with Local Subsurface Drainage Information (Kloiber/Hinz Study)