MetroGIS is a unique collaborative effort that has yielded positive results and tangible benefits in not just the technical application of geospatial work, but also in building and strengthening relationships between agencies, promoting the benefits of geospatial technology to non-practitioners and linking technical practice to policy decisions and fiscal investments.

Maximizing the investment in GIS

Governments at all levels, non-profits, academia and the private sector have made significant investments in GIS to conduct their business. These investments include personnel, hardware, software, staff development and training and the production of the data itself.

These investments can be further maximized through finding ways to share data, partnering to address shared data needs, the development of data standards and sharing of experiences using and developing the technology.

MetroGIS endeavors to provide an on-going forum where these needs and experiences can be expressed, explored and developed.


Measurable Results

The stakeholders of the MetroGIS collaborative work to achieve measurable results within the following outcome areas:

  • Expanded resource availability through partnering;
  • Reduction of duplicative costs and effort;
  • Saving tax payer money in government data development and data availability;
  • Improved decision support and data management;
  • Improved data quality;
  • Minimizing data conflicts;
  • Wider data availability;
  • Collaborative development of widely-needed standards;
  • Reduced project costs through collective bidding;
  • Increased agency efficiency from the availability of standardized data.